Caption This: Shigeru Miyamoto Edition!

And now, we present to you a special edition of Caption This! We read a story on Kotaku that gave us a good laugh. Nintendo has apparently forbidden Shigeru Miyamato (creator of many well loved Nintendo characters and Senior Managing Director of Nintendo) from talking about his interests. However the Times of London made some interesting connections from some hobbies he has admitted to and a few popular titles. Shigeru likes to exercise, and we have Wii Fit. He took up music lessons, and Wii Music was born. He loves puzzles, and Brain Age was created. So now, we open the floor to you guys! If you were Shigeru and you had a hobby, what game would reflect that?


Shigeru: “I like spending time with my wife!”
Nintendo: Wii Marriage! Create and spend time with your own virtual spouse!

Shigeru: “I like to take naps!”
Nintendo: Wii Sleep! Monitor your sleep patterns and work on making them more regular! Also comes with special Wii headband with electrode to analyze brain waves and monitor your sleep levels!

Just For All You Alisa Durbrow Fans…

We’ve uncovered some very old Alisa Durbrow (Kuroki Mio in PGSM) videos! We’re not sure how old some of these are, but they are from a variety show where kids would sing Japanese covers of English Hits! We think you will all enjoy these!

Alisa sings Van Halen’s Jump

Alisa sings Michael Jackson’s Thriller

Alisa sings Billy Joel’s For the Longest Time

Alisa sings Big Smile Babies (we think this is an original Japanese tune)

As for what Alisa is up to nowadays, in mid-july she modeled some wedding dresses for a bridal magazine.

When Japanese Artists Collaborate With American Artists….

Yes, this qualifies as an OT post but I’m technically on hiatus and this is one of the many posts I have set to go off until I return. Read more after the jump!

First of all, I’m not against artists from Japan collaborating with American ones – in fact I think it needs to be done more often. There’s a lot of talent over there and if these collaborations were released on our side of the pond, it would definitely get them noticed more here! As I was sorting through commercials last weekend I noticed a clip whir by with the name “Fergie”. I thought to myself, THE FERGIE? Of the Black Eyed Peas?! No matter what anyone says, I’ve seen her live and damn she can sing! So I backtracked and learned that Kumi Koda released a summer single in collaboration with her. I’m not a huge fan of Koda, but I liked a few of her songs. I was a little offended this year when she made headlines for her asinine comments. Nonetheless, I tracked down the video and… it wasn’t that great. Koda really sounded out of place – but maybe it’s because I haven’t heard her sing a lot of music like this before. I’m used to hearing this style more from Fergie. Koda doesn’t seem to be enjoying herself much in this video and seemed a little stiff. The song did do well in Japan but we’re not so sure it would do so well here. Nonetheless, I’m sure we have some Koda fans reading this so here ya go. The whole song is in English so those of you who don’t understand Japanese can understand this one!

No Flashpoint Summary/Ratings Today or Tomorrow

Hey Moonies – I have to be out of town till the end of the week so I am unable to do the summary or the ratings reporting until Sunday night at the very latest. Technically I’m out for the whole week, and thanks to the magic of timed posts it seems like I’ve been here a lot this week! For those of you fans in other countries who have been following our Flashpoint coverage very well, I won’t keep you in the dark , I will have something up by Monday – I’m as addicted to the show as you are, and as long as my PVR doesn’t fail there will be something. For those of you fans who are able to watch the show and would like to post a quickie summary , feel free to do so in the comments!

Rina Koike Reprises Role in Upcoming Kamen Rider Movie!

On August 9th, the new Kamen Rider movie based on the Kamen Rider Kiva series was released. Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World features Rina Koike (Sailor Luna in PGSM) reprising her role as Shizuka Nomura. There was a press conference along with a concert in Tokyo on August 7th, and Rina attended as well as the rest of the cast. The conference also confirmed that many cast members from Kamen Rider Den-O would be making cameos in the film. The cutest part we read in this article had to do with the movie’s theme song chanteuse, Nanase Aikawa of the band Crimson-FANG. She has a 6-year-old son who over the lunch hour at school tells all the other kids proudly that his mom sings the theme song. He is a fan of Kamen Rider but an even bigger fan of his mother! A reporter asked Ms. Aikawa why her son wanted to see the movie to hear her song rather than to see the heroes, and she responded with a laugh saying “That’s always a good thing!” Hey, if any of our moms were popstars and singing the theme song to a movie, we wouldn’t care about the stars either! We don’t know much about this movie except that our heroes are facing Kamen Rider Arc, the alter ego of a Death Row inmate. He is aided by minions from the Legendorga and the Kamen Rider crew is in for the fight of their lives! We know we have a lot of Toku fans out there so if any of you happen to read more about the plot, please let us know!