More of Sailor Moon’s Influence!

Malaysian Mangaka Wins Prize From Kodansha!

Japanese manga giant Kodansha recently held it’s second annual Morning International Manga Competition, a manga competition for aspiring mangaka outside of Japan. The winners of the competition get their works published in their Morning and Morning Two magazines. One of the second place winners this year is Katheryn Chong, an 18 year old Malaysian Mangaka who has been drawing manga ever since she was 10 years old. One of the first characters she drew was Sailor Moon, and this inspired her to dream for a career in manga. Kathryn’s Puppet Eyes, a manga about puppets fashioned like real humans who think they might be real, won her $2000 USD. The MIMC judges were “impressed by the talent of a 17-year-old who creates this kind of story.” We read the manga online and were very impressed with it – she is still so young and has so much talent already! We have no doubt, she will have a future in the manga industry! When Kathryn learned of her win, she was so overwhelmed that her family suggested her reaction should have been videotaped and put up on YouTube. Kathryn began Puppet Eyes as soon as she had finished her SPM exams (needed before Pre-University) and it took her a month. She learned a lot about what it takes to make a good manga, such as character development and detail. To Kathryn , we salute you for achieving your dream and we wish you the best of luck for the future!

Is The Internet Changing How We Read?

Coming from the New York Times a few days ago, we read of a story that’s given us something to think about. Teenager Nadia Konyk is addicted to the internet – so much so that she doesn’t read books anymore. She’d rather be reading long stories on the internet. Like quite a few readers that we know, she spends her time catching up on social networking sites, YouTube, and Gaia online. When she was younger, her mother tried to read her the Harry Potter books, but she was more interested in anime like Sailor Moon. The article asks the question that with the advent of the internet, is it a good thing that it is inspiring kids to read and write, or a bad thing because kids aren’t interested in reading books anymore? We think that the internet is changing what people read about but at the same time we’re sad to see that books aren’t being read that often anymore. The internet has really opened up some doors in allowing us to bring you, the fans, content you probably wouldn’t find elsewhere very much. The debate this article gives is worth a read for anyone looking for more information.

Welcome to Moon Chase Version 2.0!

Dark Knight Edition!

For a while now, I had been contemplating on a new layout. I was particularly intrigued by the new Batman movie, as you can probably see from the new banner and layout. I’d like to think this site plays a part in keeping the legacy of Sailor Moon alive just the same as Batman has been portrayed in so many different incarnations (and of course, there are even more fansites out there for him). Since this has been a big year (you could even say a blockbuster year) for many of the people involved with the series, I thought that the new layout should be a play on another big blockbuster. Like Batman rose from the ashes of two really bad films, the Sailor moon fandom continues to thrive all over the world despite the lack of releases. The Legend of the Moon Princess lives on!

Let’s have a moment to remember the first layout. I don’t think I ever posted my inspiration for how I wanted the site to look in the first place. I was a little fed up with most Sailor Moon sites being all pink and pastel and “girly”. Yes, it is a girl’s series, but there are a lot of fans who are guys, and I couldn’t help but think they’d be a little embarrassed to visit these places in public or around their friends or other prying eyes. Besides, anyone who knows me knows how I loathe the color pink – I would never stand for my website being this color! It took me four months to get Moon Chase going, but the hardest part was trying to pick how I wanted the site to look. It could have all the content that I wanted, but at the end of the day, it had to look good. Eventually, it finally hit me after looking at my Sailor Moon dolls (still in package) that I should go with blues and yellows. Those colors were used a lot together in the series (especially in the skies) and if I did it right, they would be easier on the eyes. As for the logo, when I started the site, I was on a mission to bring whatever I could to the fans that couldn’t be found very much elsewhere. I have a great staff and we work together as a team. The original logo was going to be a crescent moon, with stick figures of the staff drawn along the edge. But then I thought that would look a little crummy, so I went with a silhouette of the Inner Senshi (“Sailor Team”) over the moon along with a calligrapher font. At the time, the fonts I had wanted to use didn’t work… but I figured, it would do for now.

Time goes on, and as things get bigger and bigger, change is always there! I don’t know how long I’ll keep this one up for, but it will stay at least until the fall. Enjoy!

Sailor Moon Music Releases in Japan

We’ve learned about two new CD releases in Japan that have a lot to do with Sailor Moon!

The first one comes from Hatch Entertainment, and is titled Pico Moe! Future 8-Bit Series 2 Magical Chip 8-bit Chan (Catalog Number: HATCH-802). This title is too genki for us (8-bit chan?). The Sailor Moon theme song is among the 15 tracks reworked on this album. Others include songs from Pretty Cure, Ojamajo Doremi, Magical Girl Pretty Sammy, and Magical Angel Creamy Mami. Despite the odd title, some of these remixes are actually pretty cool to listen to. Fans can go here to hear samples.

The second one… makes us all feel old. There is a karaoke CD series in Japan called For the 30’s Generation, and the fourth one is about to drop (Catalog Number COCX-35155). This one features lots of anime theme songs for those people who are in their thirties, and Sailor Moon is included. None of us on staff are close to being 30 yet and we really think they should have come up with a different title for it… we’re not that old, and it’s not like Sailor Moon is ancient either! Other popular songs are included from such anime as Kinnikuman, Cutie Honey, Galaxy Express 999, Gatchaman, Lupin the 3rd, and one of our favorites, Cha-La Head Cha-La from Dragon Ball Z. We can’t decide between this and this which one is our favorite performance :). This one will be released in about a month’s time.

Nonetheless, since official Sailor Moon releases of any kind have been slow the last few years, we fans almost have to take whatever we can get at this point. We’re pleased to see that there’s been quite a few artists over the years cover the songs from the series. Both CDs are available at your favorite asian import online retailer (we like YesAsia).

Flashpoint Episode 3 Ratings and International Distribution News!

We were able to find last night’s episode’s numbers pretty quickly! For the US, CBS won the timeslot but not the night. Flashpoint scored 1.7/5, but keep in mind that the show changed days only two days before, so next week should be better. We’re really looking forward to next week’s episode. CTV ratings for Canada reported 1.1 million viewers.

For the last two weeks, we had suspected something but we had stayed quiet. We had noticed quite a few hits coming from Europe to all of our Flashpoint posts and we had wondered and thought that it might have been something, and it turns out it was the thing we thought it was! Playback Magazine reports that international co-distributors Los Angeles’ Alchemy Television and Germany’s Tele München confirmed that the show had been picked up by the Britain’s ITV and New Zealands TVNZ. Not entirely sure about New Zealand, but we know for sure Australia and Britain did get to see the Sailor Moon dub (in part at the very least) so to all our readers over there, the wait is over, Flashpoint is coming to you! 50 other territories are included in the deal, and some of them are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Latin America and Scandinavia. We wonder if Stephanie Morgenstern (Sailor Venus #1) will have a hand in translating the series into the German language. A little known fact: She studied German in college and has translated the philosophies of Jung into English! There will be more confirmations this week and we will definitely report them as soon as they come in! Stephanie on the show’s launch said “We could not ask for a better launch than this.” To Stephanie, Mark Ellis, and the rest of the cast and crew, this show has far exceeded every Moon Chase! reader’s expectations and we are really proud each one of you and the success you have achieved with Flashpoint!

Flashpoint In A Flash: Episode 3

Episode 3 summary after the jump! I’m getting better at blogging the episodes on the fly – I was only two minutes behind the live broadcast this time around (I wouldn’t be able to do this if I wasn’t able to rewind live TV). Big smiles everyone – and this doesn’t mean you people on the west coast get to skip out on watching!

The Element of Surprise

We begin with what looks like an innocent man being held at gunpoint pleading for his life to a guy named Sean. The team is on the scene planning a solution to end this situation. They move in , set up some equipment. Another man in the room tries to swerve the gunman away, but ultimately he shoots… and REWIND! 3 hours earlier! We’re at an Italian Deli and the young man is talking to his co-worker, Julia as they clean up. He shows her the big plush clownfish he bought for his niece’s 4th birthday. He very shyly says he will swing by her place later. Back to SRU HQ. A mugshot is being passed around of the grand poobah of a drug gang, Sean Keenan. The team stages a raid. Braddock is a little too eager for this job, and tries to ask Jules out for dinner. She asserts to him that she doesn’t want to lose what she worked too hard for, and declines. Then we go to a birthday party, where the young man (whose name is Jackson). We learn Jackson is a recovering addict, who has been clean for over 8 months. His sister declines to let him come in, and says that the $680 she gave him were saved up for his niece’s music lessons. The team practices at headquarters for the upcoming raid and how they are going to apprehend their man. Jackson calls around to try to earn the money he owes his sister. He doesn’t have much luck, but he ends up calling our grand poobah in question who says he can help him out. We have a bad feeling about this! Back at headquarters, another officer gives Ed Lane vague second thoughts about Braddock… ROLL CREDITS! We’d like to take this time to thank a very important person close to Stephanie Morgenstern for his support – we really appreciate it and it totally made our day when he told us we were the best blog for our Flashpoint coverage! We’ll keep trying to do our best! Commercials! Dell’s new line of computers looks sleek (but I’m going Mac in a year or so! ) Ugh Simply Orange… Back to the show! The team packs up and heads out through the streets of Toronto to an older apartment building. They encounter their gang insider who keeps them updated on what’s going on. Jackson is walking through an alley and encounters a couple of gang members who want his shoes. He is rescued by another member who gets him out of the situation. He approaches the same building. We see another man walking though a hall making a phone call. Turns out he is an insider too. The team moves into position. Sean greets Jackson, and the second insider plays it cool with him. The insider is dragged into Sean’s apartment along with Jackson, and the team uses a spy ball to monitor the situation. Those of you that heard Stephanie Morgenstern’s and Mark Ellis’ interview will remember that the spy ball is a remote controlled ball with a camera in it that they deploy wherever they want to monitor the situation. The negotiator wonders where the second insider is. They learn he is inside, and the group countdowns to the raid… and commercials! Gavin Rossdale is going to appear on this coming episode of Canadian Idol and Advil uses some pretty neat acrobats to show it’s pain relieving properties. Back to the show! The negotiator notifies the team to hold back as their insider is still inside. Sean tempts Jackson with his worldly possesions, including cocaine. The team figures out a new plan of attack. The insider taunts Jackson so not to give up his alibi. Sean asks Jackson to have a seat, and the team evacuates construction crews below as they execute a more aggressive approach. Sean says he’ll help Jackson out if he goes back to being a drug dealer, but Jackson refuses, knowing there is too much at stake. The one who rescued Jackson before calls up Sean and lets him know that there’s cops on the scene. Instead of pointing the gun at the insider, Sean points it at Jackson. He pleads for his life, and the negotiator, Greg Parker gets Sean’s phone number. This is where our episode began, and we see who Sean shoots – the insider! Commercials! I could go for some KD right now, and there’s David Suzuki and his penguins again. The team calls for a silent EMT, and the negotiator and the first insider have an argument. The negotiator wants to negotiate, while the insider wants a full on raid. Jackson reveals that the insider was a cop who had once arrested him. Sean works out an alibi with him. Greg gets on the phone with Sean as he is flushing cocaine down the toilet. Sean tries to help out the insider, who advises him to get out, but Sean wants to stay inside. The team is still trying to figure out who Sean is and why he is in there. In between negotiation, the team learns about Jackson. Jackson watches Sean and waits for the right time to run. He takes the insider’s cell phone and calls the first insider… and we cut to commercial. MMM Tim Horton’s Iced Capp Supreme and Fitness Depot is having a floor model sale. Back to the show…Jackson talks to Ed Lane because he wants to help. Ed gets the insiders vitals, and tells him to put the phone down and leave it on so the crew can hear what’s going on. Ed reassures Jackson that he’s not at fault. Jackson hides the phone as Sean comes out of the bathroom and he tries to move the insider. The insider tells his name over the phone and leaves messages for his family. Sean sees Jackson moving the insider and the team raids the apartment. A shootout ensues and some members of the team rescue the insider – but Jackson is shot. Ed reassures him that everything is going to be okay, but unfortunately he dies. Sean is apprehended and taken away. Ed and Braddock have a fight over authority, and we learn Braddock accidentally shot his best friend in Afghanistan while they were on a mission. The episode ends and we see the team recover: Braddock cries looking at a picture of his buddy, Julia sobs outside the deli, Jules and Braddock leave the headquarters together. Ed drives up to Jackson’s sister’s house, to tell her the sad news that he is dead as she takes the clownfish out of the mailbox. Fade to black… We had read that Amy Jo Johnson was supposed to have a song playing at the end of this episode, but this song was sung by a male. Maybe next week? Next week’s episode deals with a hostage situation involving a family with an abusive husband.

This episode was definitely different than the other two. We saw more tension between the team and it’s rookie member, which had a big role in how the conflict was resolved. The team members definitely had a sense things didn’t go as planned and they were frustrated with it. It seemed as if the wrong person had lost their life and they have given the team a lot to think about. We look forward to next week’s show!