Yoshihiro Togashi News Blowout!

No, this is not another excuse to use this wonderful picture we found of him :). Yoshihiro has been in the news a LOT lately, and we’re going to tell you why!

Yoshihiro Togashi Helps to Make Shinjo Famous!

We stumbled upon this lesser known tidbit about Yoshihiro’s famous ghost-hunting tale, Yu Yu Hakusho. This article is about how popular the town of Shinjo, Yamagata has become with tourists simply because of the famous Japanese people that come from there. The famous manga was inspired by this city , and many tourists associate Yusuke Urameshi with Shinjo – so much so that it has almost become a signature character of the city! Yoshihiro was also born and schooled in Shinjo. Another reason people visit Shinjo: famous director Akira Kurosawa worked as an assistant director on a few films in Shinjo. Many die-hard fans of his do not miss this city in order to get a sense of just where he has been. Also, the famous female detective writer Kirino Natsuo also comes from Shinjo!

Yoshihiro Approves of Doujinshi of His Own Works!

For those of you who are unaware, Doujinshi is kind of like a mix of fanart and fanfiction. Amateur mangaka (manga artists) produce manga that is their own take on a popular title and then publish it themselves. The artists come up with their own plots, some are taken as an alternate universe take on a plot, or a continuation of a storyline, or anything else that they can imagine! Some professionals also do this on the side (under a pseudonym if they wish) and publish outside the industry – many even do these for charity. Doujinshi artists almost never work solo, but in groups or circles, as they are known to be in Japan. These artists name their own price when selling their work. Doujinshi is a fairly big industry in Japan, and it even has its own convention known as Comiket! Many artists sell their work over 20 acres of con space!

Back to the content of the article – mobile doujinshi is gaining huge popularity in Japan, and the website Dorimaga has won an award from a research institute. The institute noted that this is a whole new level of freedom of expression, and takes e-books to a new level! Dorimaga has made contracts with 20 circles, and the only two publishers who have acknowledged the work of this service are CLAMP (best known for Card Captor Sakura), and Yoshihiro Togashi. Most times, creators and publishers are not aware of everyone who makes a doujinshi and many go ahead and do it without permission – in most cases that isn’t a huge issue. But we think it is really cool that Yoshihiro supports amateur artists like this! It also makes us feel a little better that perhaps he was out and about doing things, and not in hiding when he was on his many hiatuses.

On the subject of manga, there was this other huge recent event regarding Yoshihiro…

The (Temporary) Return of Hunter x Hunter

As we reported a while ago, Hunter x Hunter made it’s return to Jump Magazine earlier this month. One article made mention that while it is selling very well in Japan, because of its old age and past history, it is not likely to gain newer fans. It is currently in 9th place of the 10 hottest selling titles. Volume 25 will be on the shelves sometime in April. Unfortunately, this return will not last long as we finally have confirmation it is only going to last for 10 weeks, and this writer speculates Gon isn’t going to find his father anytime soon. Yes, something is better than nothing, but ten-week spurts isn’t fair. We’re starting to believe that theory we read that the only reason Jump is printing Hunter x Hunter in spurts is to build up popularity and hype. For the sake of your readers, stop seeking attention Kodansha! Sooner or later, a lot of them are going to catch on and they may even turn on the series. We would if we were fans! We only wish we had better news for you, Hunter x Hunter fans.

Sailor Moon News Roundup February-March 2008!

Hey Moonies! Here comes the first of a few updates this week as we get back to our regular schedule! I saw the new trailer for Speed Racer yesterday and I wasn’t impressed. Sure the graphics were great and all but the plot just didn’t seem as fun as the original, and seemed a little darker than the original. Which is what has inspired our latest poll over there –>! Please vote, we’re kind of curious what the fans would go for if Sailor Moon was given the same treatment. Without further ado…

New Book Looks At Truth Behind Myth!

Bill Brioux (a former staff writer for TV Guide Canada), published a book late last year that looks at some of the myths behind popular television shows. Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths looks at a few myths including: was Pamela Anderson really cast before Teri Hatcher in Desperate Housewives ? Was Jerry Mathers of Leave It To Beaver killed in Vietnam? Did Sailor Moon cause convulsions in kids? We’ve never heard that rumor before. We know that Sailor Moon and Sailor Saturn were notorious for fainting or seizures, but we never actually heard about the show affecting viewers! Though we do remember a lot of ruckus about a Pokemon episode that gave children in Japan seizures with its strobing screens, and that particular episode when dubbed was toned down a bit. Nonetheless, we are trying to track down a copy of this book and once we do we’ll let you know if the myth was real or not!

Malaysian Students Go On Exchange to Japan!

When we read this, we wondered why none of our schools had any cool exchanges like this! Some high school students were honored enough to be picked as Malaysian Ambassadors to Japan for a two week exchange! This was made possible by the Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths (JENESYS), a program of the Antarabudaya Malaysia (AFS). This exchange was fully sponsored by the Japanese Government to promote mutual understanding and trust among youths. A student, Lee Theng Ying recounted his experiences. They got to visit lots of cool places such as Naritasan Temple, the Yumenoshima Tropical Plant Dome, the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan), and even visiting Hiroshima on a Pokemon-themed airplane! The even got to go behind closed doors to watch Sumo Wrestlers practice! Probably the biggest highlight was reading that they got to visit Toei Animation and got to meet one of the writers of Sailor Moon! Lee didn’t mention just who it was, but we’re still working to find out who he met! If any fans have any idea who he could be referring to (the writer also worked on One Piece and Dragonball Z) don’t hesitate to let us know! From what we have read, it looks like this experience was one to remember and we wonder if the Japanese Government would be interested to expand this program to North America.

New Zealand Actress Loves Sailor Moon Style!

Ride With the Devil
was a New Zealand drama which aired last fall. It is about two guys who meet up and become friends because they share one thing in common – underground racing. However, one race goes horribly wrong and it is up to the two guys to keep their sport going without the cops coming after them. The show had lots of Asian stars, and among them was Caleigh Cheung (image: – who is now finding herself in lots of different clothes! To celebrate Chinese New Year in New Zealand, she wore a custom-tailored cheongsam. The New Zealand Herald interviewed her about clothing and beauty, and she made a very surprising admission! She loves to play dress-up with costumes, and especially wants a Sailor Moon-style school Uniform from Japan. It’s nice to see model-actresses that still have a soft spot for their favorite anime characters!

Disney Enters Partnership With Toei Animation

In recent years, considering the rise of Japanese Animation, Disney‘s animation has fallen short, and fans are not as interested in their movies as they were before. Disney has in particular had problems trying to gain popularity in the Asian markets. Over a week ago, Disney announced that they were partnering with Toei Animation to try to have a more successful presence in Asian markets. What we do know about this partnership is that it will combine the use of computer graphics along with graphics of local talent (in Japan). There are three TV shows in production, but what they are is still a secret locked up like Fort Knox! Disney is also working with Jinni Animation Co. and their first venture together is a 3-D animated series called Fireball about robots in the Future. We have read conflicting reports about when this is going to start, it may start in April or May of this year. Disney will also be working with Madhouse Ltd.– famous for the upcoming Batman: Gotham Knight, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Digi Charat, Paprika, and Nana among others. Their first venture will be a cartoon based on Lilo and Stitch, where Lilo is replaced by a Japanese girl named Hanako.

We have mixed feelings about this partnership, but what worries us slightly is the potential that if things go well with Toei and Disney, perhaps Disney might gain control of Sailor Moon? We can’t even imagine what they would do to our beloved superhero!

Britney Spears’ New Video is NOT a Parody of Sailor Moon

We don’t like Britney much at Moon Chase. She was irresponsible with her family and her own life, and though it appears she is trying to change her life for the better, some of her behaviours are really unclassy. And her music still sucks just as much as it did when she first came out. Aside from our own opinions, we noticed a glaring error in The Times-Union as Diana Middleton called Britney Spears’ new video for Break the Ice a “cheesy Sailor Moon parody”. We barely see any similarities to Sailor Moon (or maybe we could if we really pushed the envelope). We think it’s more of a rip off of Ghost in the Shell, Metropolis, and Noir. There are probably more anime that the animators drew influence from, but the video is still crap. Britney, please stop trying to be popular.

Online Videos by Veoh.com

It Was a Year Ago Today…

A year and thousands more hits than we ever expected , this website has definitely surpassed our expectations! We would like to take this opportunity to once again thank every fan for their support over the last year as well as their patience over the last month or so. We would also like to thank every VA who has read this site – it means a lot to us that you take the time to read what we write! We do it because we feel the need for fans to know where their favorite stars are, as well as promoting productions that otherwise might not get noticed that feature you all. To every site over the last year who has linked us, thank you for helping us get the word out – we are slowly becoming one of many Sailor Moon Fans’ sites of choice for going-ons in the Sailor Moon world and beyond! Working on this site has made us realize there is so much film and tv that has some kind of connection to Sailor Moon – be it an actor or a reference – and we are always amazed when doing our news searches and finding something new!

We haven’t been able to update as much as we’d have like to, but things behind the scenes have surprised us one after another for over a month. Next week things will have calmed significantly and we promise this site will be updated a lot more often! For now though, enjoy the commercials! Special Thanks to The Me for the awesome one year graphic above!

Commercials Corner #22

Hey Moonies! It’s been a little while, but I’m back again after a move across town and with a new batch of commercials! We’re still playing catchup here, and these come from the first couple weeks of January.

First up on our features, we have a treat for PGSM fans! Keiko Kitagawa appears again for DoCoMo 2.0!

Next, this one is dedicated to our friend UltraMatt who helps us out with information on Tokusatsu shows. Now you know what Ultraman does in his spare time!

Last up is a commercial for some milk. I couldn’t make out the brand name in it’s split second flash at the end, even pausing on the final frames, but the rest of the commercial was so cute, I had to share it!

Best of the Rest:

Stretchy Bandaids!
Lumix FX35 Camera with Ayumi Hamasaki!
Super Mario Galaxy!
A DoCoMo 2.0 cafe magic show!
Nicorette Coolmint!
Pantene Pro-V!
Kirin Sparkling Hop Beer!
Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
Danon Bio yogurt!
Ace Combat 6!
National Treasure 2 Trailer!
Sweeny Todd starring Johnny Depp!
A slew of OTC products from Kowa!
☼ A pair of commercials for Ukon No Cikara energy drink 1 + 2 !
Two soups from House foods!
Drewell Sleep Aid!
Wonda Morning Shot!
Clorets Ice!
☼ A pair of commercials from Suzuki featuring three cars 1 + 2 !
McWrap For Breakfast!
Mr. Bean!
Nike Plus!
Knorr Creamed Corn Soup!
Tamago Double Mac!
Mr. Donut!
McDonalds Shaka Shaka Chicken!