BREAKING NEWS: Sailor Moon is NOT on the air in Britain

Hey fans – last night through Genvid I had read of a new rumor concerning Sailor Moon on the air in Britain. Thankfully, I have a few friends in London and I was able to contact them and piece together this mystery. The rumor started on Sailor Moon Forum and began with a fan-made promotional video that had some fooled. Why would footage from the Japanese version of the show air on a commercial for a programming block aimed at English children? The graphics looked really cheap and the voices were terrible. Then the listing started to appear on a UK television listing. This is the most recent one, however it seems a previous listing has been taken down. We noticed while searching for the show that it aired on a channel called Sat 1 which was not listed anywhere on Virgin’s channel listings. One of our friends in Britain was asked about this channel, and got back to us within a matter of hours telling us Sat 1 is either referring to a German channel that is offered in some markets, or to Sky/ITV. We wandered around all over Sky’s listings and found absolutely nothing. Ditto on ITV. We even looked at Toonattik and cITV with no luck. Lo and behold, we found the German channel, and with our decent knowledge of German searched the listings and schedules, and found no mention of Sailor Moon anywhere either. Moreover, it does not appear that the show has ever aired on this channel in the past. If it were true, and it was on last Saturday, someone should have said something, and searches all over the internet through blogs and other forms yielded nothing. Our friends looked around some other TV listings and didn’t find any mention of the show either.So for now, we are going to say that this rumor is FALSE. Sailor Moon is not on the air anywhere in Europe, or anywhere else in the world outside Japan either. We are currently working to get official confirmation from all channels involved, but since there is no mention on any other official websites themselves, we are calling VirginMedia’s bluff.

EDIT: Thanks to an anonymous commenter’s German comments, we have learned that Sat.1 did carry Sailor Moon in the past, but is not carrying it at the moment.

Contrary to comments posted on Sailor Moon Forum, Sat.1 is NOT a block within the Toonattik block (nor does Toonattik broadcast during Sat.1). This has been confirmed by speaking with people who are in Britain (kudos to Gary for his help!) , as well as with ITV. We have verified again that Sat.1 is a German channel that can be watched in the UK as well.

VA Sightings March 2008 (Part 1)!

Hello Moonies! In the last few weeks, we have noticed IMDB has put a couple of VAs on the Sailor Moon page that we haven’t heard of. We got very excited since years ago we tried to get full cast lists from anyone involved with the production of Sailor Moon with no success. So we consulted our DVD collection to see if any of these new listings were true, and for now, they are not. We did not see the names Catherine Disher, or Karen Dwyer anywhere in the credits. We are trying to contact Karen Dwyer for official confirmation. This summer, we hope to have as complete a cast list as we can – a good one that is correct is very difficult to find. Anyway, in lieu of research of those two names, we had to delay this article… but without further ado…

Ferretina Pushed Back AGAIN?

Oh noes! We had read a rumor on the MySpace of Carrie Johnson a while ago that Ferretina was going to be at Cannes this year, but now we have read on another actor’s site that the film is still in production for a release in 2009. For nearly four years we’ve been reading rumors of it being released every spring or Easter, and we were so sure this was the year for it. We Sailor Moon fans are just going to have to wait a little longer to see the massive horde of VAs in this movie under the direction of Roland Parliament.

Speaking of Our Favourite Nerd, Melvin…

Roland Parliament
CN Anime Expo, 2004

Roland Parliament (Melvin, ADR Director) can currently be heard narrating this short promotional film about the LongPen! The LongPen is a green solution for any famous personality wishing to hold a signing of some sort. Invented by fellow Canadian Margaret Atwood, the LongPen allows for anyone to meet a famous person through videoconferencing, and then through the internet receive a personalized autograph. The Earth is not saved by Sailor Moon, but by the dozens of tonnes of carbon saved by celebrities who no longer need to travel to make an event! Roland is also teaching at the Harris Institutue. Aside from Voice Acting, Roland has had a very successful career in the Advertising Industry for more than 30 years – and he is teaching a first year Advertising Arts class at the institute.

Stephanie Morgenstern is Coming To Your TV Soon!

The wait is almost over for Stephanie Morgenstern’s (Sailor Venus #1) new TV show, Flashpoint! The show is in production as we speak and set to start airing on CBS and CTV in July! Though no specific date has been announced, we will keep you posted – and for fans thinking they would not see Stephanie past a name in the credits, you can all breathe a sigh of relief! She will appear as a hostage in the first episode – but will not likely transform into Sailor Venus at the last second to save the day. Those heroic responsibilities have been passed on to cops now :(. Still no word about the production of Ice Planet. Last we heard some preliminary animation had begun, sets were built and things were ready to go, however contractual issues kept the production from starting.

VAs On The Border!

Last week, Kirsten Bishop (Kaori Knight, Zoicite, and Badiyanu) appeared on CBC’s immigration and customs drama, The Border. In “Grave Concern”, an episode dealing with the underworld of pedophiles, Kirsten played Mrs. Johanson, the worried mother of Katie. Katie is a pre-teen girl who was kidnapped a year ago, and held in a kind of dungeon outfitted with a webcam for others in on the sting to observe her torture. We’re not going to go into much more detail about this episode – it was a pretty inhumane scenario. It reminded us a lot of the story of Natascha Kampusch and we’re a little creeped out that something like that might have been what inspired this episode. Nonetheless, Kirsten Bishop’s acting was strong as the worried mother who still held out hope her daughter would be found. Alice Poon (Catsy) also appeared in the show, playing Jenny Vandenberg in the episode “Family Values”. She played a reporter who was reporting a potential illegal adoption of a Darfur refugee by a famous movie star. The Border has been renewed for a second season and fans can click around the official website to watch episodes (but you have to be in Canada or else you won’t be able to). On another note, unfortunately, Intelligence was not renewed. Sabrina Grdevich (Sailor Pluto #1, Anne Granger) had a recurring role as Maxine Reardon in the crime drama.

VA Sightings March 2008 (Part 2)!

Naz Edwards’ Souvenir Continues!

Naz Edwards (Queen Beryl) continues to perform as the singer who can’t sing across Michigan! She is currently in Lansing at the BoarsHead Theatre performing in Souvenir, a musical about Florence Foster Jenkins. She liked to believe she could sing, when in reality she could not. Naz is a very accomplished jazz and cabaret singer, and we wonder how hard it might have been for her to train for this role (or rather, learn how not to sing). We’ve read a few reviews of the show and we have heard that it’s really good, and recommend any fans in the area to go check it out!

Jeff Lumby Plays Showbiz Dad!

Jeff Lumby (Dr. Tomoe) can currently be heard playing Leonard, who is better known as the nerdy father of Ricky Sprocket in Ricky Sprocket, Showbiz Boy! The flash-animated TV show can be seen on both Nickelodeon in the United States, and Teletoon in Canada. The show uses a kid-friendly approach to talk about society’s infatuation with celebrity. Ricky is constantly fighting battles between how he should grow up, and how he should act in the public – or how he should avoid being seen the wrong way by the ruthless paparazzi! Jeff is still a radio host at Dave FM in Cambridge, Ontario. Fans can read his blog, here!

Dennis Akiyama Comes To Degrassi!

Degrassi: The Next Generation is a Canadian TV show which is making waves all over the world. It has been a staple on CTV and has now begun on Nickelodeon’s The N and also the CW. Though sometimes controversial, we think this is a good drama for teenagers to watch as it’s very close to being true-to-life. Degrassi follows high schoolers and the challenges they face in and out of school. In the Season 7 episode “Death or Glory Part II”, school strongboy Gavin “Spinner” Mason was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Dennis Akiyama (Malachite) appeared in the show as the Oncologist (Cancer Doctor) who talks to Spinner about his options for treatment. Fans can check out the episode streaming online at CTV or The N.

Tracey Hoyt Dwells Into the Lives of Hockey Wives…

Tracey Hoyt (Rini #1) appeared on the last episode ever of CBC’s drama She played, (for the second time in her career) a nurse inj Mad Scramble. Though this time, she was in a more intense situation. The first time she played a nurse was in the movie Godsend, during the delivery of a baby. This time, she played a psychiatric nurse and got to inject tranquilizers into an athlete who was a little delusional. She handled that syringe quite fiercely! If you are in Canada, CBC has all of the episodes streaming online at the official site. We’ll warn our readers though,this series has some mature content.Tracey has also been teaching voice with Pirate Voice. Toronto’s CityTV went over there recently to pick up a few tips, and Tracey was there to teach them! Fans can watch the video they have posted here to see Tracey in action!

… And so did Allison Sealy-Smith!

Allison Sealy-Smith (various Monsters of the Day) also appeared on the episode playing Cadde Lawrence, a psychic who helps another wife in search of a missing child. Allison also appeared in the movie, How She Move. This is a Canadian film about Jamaican dance culture and identity. Allison played Mrs. Davis, and fans can try to spot her in some video clips here. The movie was released on January 25th to only a limited amount of cinemas in Canada. Allison also appeared in Global’s black hairdresser comedy, ‘da Kink in My Hair. The series is based on the play of the same name by Trey Anthony, and was inspired by the many West Indian salons in Toronto’s Eglinton suburb. Trey talked about her inspiration to the National Post last year. Allison played Leanne in the episode Empty Bag Can’t Stand Up . Unfortunately, it seems Global has removed the show from its site, so we can’t provide you a link to watch episodes. We can link you to a trailer, where you can spot the short-haired Allison Sealy-Smith for a quick second!

Julie Lemieux on Global Warming Cartoon!

Julie Lemieux (Sammy, Peruru, Young Darien) was heard as the voice of Becky Sue in the movie Chilly Beach: The World Is Hot Enough. It was just released on DVD , and follows the successful 3-season Canadian series all about life in the way-up-North!. Canucks Dale and Frank are tired (like we all are) of Canada’s infamous deep-freeze winters. So they experiment with climate control, but end up destroying the planet in the process. Now it’s up to them to go back in time and undo the damage before they do it! We hope to catch it soon, as we’ve mostly seen Julie play younger male roles more than she has female roles.

More VAs Appear on Little Mosque on the Prairie!

Last season, Maria Vacratsis appeared on the groundbreaking comedy, Little Mosque on the Prairie!. Now, it seems two more VAs have visited Mercy, Saskatchewan. These include David Huband (Serena’s Dad) playing a Radio Manager in Crush and Meet J.J., and Norma Dell’Agnese (Prisma) who played the hairdresser Marsha in the episode, Wheat Week.Martha has blinds in her windows, which allows for Muslim women to get a haircut without men seeing them without their Hijab. Of course, things change when Martha takes away the blinds. David plays the manager of Mercy’s only radio station, and is easily swayed from making decisions by getting bribes from Fred, the disc jockey who is desperate to save his job. It seems this show is airing all over the world these days except for the United States. We recommend fans look around for episodes posted on Youtube or Veoh to catch these VAs in action! Fans may be interested to know that while the show still features lots of shots of Regina and area, the production moved to Toronto after the pilot episodes were shot. In the first season, you may have noticed shots of the “Novia Cafe” – the Cafe actually exists and is one of the greasiest places to eat in the city!

Wendy Lyon in Two Movies!

Wendy Lyon (Queen Serenity)had a role playing Luanne in Kaw, a Canadian film about ravens that attack a small town. The indie flick also stars Sean Patrick Flannery. From the reviews of this movie that we’ve read, it didn’t have more to the plot than that and it was not very well received. For those of you adventurous enough to watch it, the movie is on DVD. Wendy can also be seen in a TV Movie based on the horrible Mayerthorpe Incident in 2005. Four RCMP officers visited the tiny town of Mayerthorpe in the hopes of capturing a farmer who was growing marijuana in a barn. Unfortunately, the farmer shot and killed all four officers in an attempt to evade the law. The movie aired in February on CTV, featuring Wendy as Sally Ranfield.

And Now, We Leave You With…

A wonderful performance from Emilie-Claire Barlow (Sailors Mars & Venus #2)! Here she is singing O Pato on Quebec’s Belle et Bum show! Check out her blog to learn all about what she’s been up to! We wish you the best of luck Emilie-Claire – the National Jazz Awards are just around the corner!

Upcoming Cultural Events

Hi Moonies – something cool came in my inbox a few days ago though and I thought I would share it with you all! The Japanese Consulate in Alberta is going to have a couple of events to celebrate the 80th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Canada. We here at Moon Chase think it’s important for fans to explore Japanese culture beyond anime because it is so much more than what we see in the Cartoons! One of them is the Shiko Kataoka Japanese Calligraphy Exhibition, a display of Japanese Calligraphy from master calligrapher Shiko Kataoka. For more information , click here for Edmonton (April 2nd-5th) and here for Calgary (11th-25th). Admission to both events are free! The second email I got actually has a nice poster and it’s for a Japanese Music Concert. Featuring dance and song, this concert is not to be missed for those of you who can attend it on April 29th.

There are more consulates all over Canada (and the rest of the world). To find an event near you, click here for the Consulate nearest you for more information!

Commercials Corner #23

Hey Moonies! We’re nearly back on track here at the commercials corner, A couple more updates and we’ll be all caught up. These commercials are coming at you from the tail end of January and the start of February.

Featured commercial number one is for Lupin the Third fans: The Tower of Lupinus Pachinko Machine!

These monkeys love their Emobile cellular Internets!

Last up is a commercial for an auto care company. I know that’s how SUVs look to me driving down the road!

Best of the Rest:

☼ A pair of commercials for Aisin, with some cute kids playing the auto engineers 1 + 2 !
Fujitsu Foma 705i!
Final Fantasy 4 DS!
Takagi Water Filter!
Century 21!
☼ A pair of commercials for Mr. Donut’s new Rich Cream donuts 1 + 2 !
The calm Aflac duck is back and giving a back massage!
Georgia Cafe Espresso!
Samsung PHOTOS Phone!
Mad’s Hair products!
Panasonic P705i!
ABLE Ltd.!
Earth Movie Trailer!
A pair of Panasonic HD Camcorders!
Suzuki Landy!
MacBook Air!
Manga No Tatsujin Book!
Suntory Boss Coffee!
Suzuki Palette!
DHC Bottled Water!
Norshin Pure Pain Reliever!
Toyota Corolla Fielder!
Sharp AU Aquos Phone!
☼ A pair of commercials for Devil May Cry 4, one for the Xbox360 version and one generic one for all platforms 1 + 2 !
Lotte Xylitol Gum!
DoCoMo 2.0 for the new 705i series phones!
Jumper Trailer!
Van Houten Dear Cacao Chocolate!
Fantastic 4 DVD!
Sapporo Draft One Beer and Sandwiches!
Fujitsu Laptop!
7-11 Bentos!
Toyota Lapis!