Commercials Corner #13

Hey Moonies,

We’ve got a small batch of commercials for you this week, made a bit shorter for the time being because Veoh seems to be having trouble with a few of the videos. We have a total of twelve for you, seven now and five later. I’ll be back this evening after work to try and fix the last five and link them up for you.

Fortunately, our feature commercial works just fine, we found another Docomo 2.0 commercial with Keiko Kitagawa!

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And, the rest:
Fancy footwork in an Aidem commercial!
A Promo for Sicko by Michael Moore!
Two more commercials with the SoftBank dogs: one and two!
A dishwasher who needs his CuCute rinse agent (Like Jet-Dry)!
In Japan, Sprite gives you wings!

Here are the other five as promised:
A commercial for a water park I was unable to identify. EDIT: It’s for Tokyo Summerland!
A promo for Rush Hour 3!
A Lemon Water commercial with a reverse shuffleboard game?
A promo for The Fantastic 4!
Some rockin’ pandas for BMB, part of the Usen Group telecom company.

When American Bands Appear on Japanese TV #4

We’ve got another American musical artist sighting to report for you. This time Avril Lavigne makes an appearance, again on Music Station. Here are the clips:

The first clip is her introduction on the show, she looks a little nervous but I’d say she has a pretty good handle on it.

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The next clip shows her interview and the performance of her latest hit, When You’re Gone.

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And finally, the cast bids her goodbye at the end of the show.

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Some Staff Shuffling

Hey readers, The Me here;

First off, I want to thank all of our readers for sticking with us. It means a lot to us to know that you guys and gals keep coming back for more.

On the “staff shuffling” note, our manager and head news-finder, Sailor Dees will be away for a little while, so the rest of us are filling in until she gets back. We’ll be doing our best to keep you guys up to date on all of our regular features here and we’ll be able to answer any questions you might have at our usual e-mail address: (without the NOSPAM, of course.)

We’d also like to remind our readers to vote in the poll over there on the right about the inclusion of Moon Chase! forums. So far people either want them or don’t care, but only a handful have voted so it’s hard to say yet. It’s your chance to have a hand in deciding the future of our site, Vote Today!


Moonies, now is your chance! As we had predicted and speculated much, much earlier, Toei looks like it wants to expand its VOD service to North America. Go vote at ANN’s poll for Sailor Moon – it’s too bad though that the dubs are not an option at this point in time but we hope to see them soon.

Commercials Corner #12

We tried to pull out the best of commercials we could this week but our sources were pretty drier than usual. Our pick of the week is for a theatrical anime called Vexille, which is set to open next week. We are fascinated with the smoothness of the animation in this one and we think it could be next year’s big anime hit – it will be premiering very soon at the Toronto International Film Festival. And, we unearthed a small connection to Sailor Moon in this movie! Toshiyuki Morikawa plays Kisaragi in this film, but he also played the object of Mimete’s “affections” in episode 115 of the S Series, Soap Opera Star Yuu Kazama!

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The Rest:
Pepsi Nex!
World’s Kitchen Inspired Lemon and Ginger Drinks!
Blu-Ray Camcorder!
Tama Home!
Jasmine Tea!
Daniel Radcliffe wants you to see Harry Potter!
Watering Kissmint!
Kimono by Kyoto!
Lotte Black Black Energy Gum!
Baskin Robbins!
Life Card!
Men’s Hair Dye!
Softbank Dogs!
FLET’S Broadband – we mentioned them to you earlier this week!