Commercials Corner #6

Moon Chase! once again brings you a selection of Japanese Commercials!

Cameron Diaz endorses Cell Phones with Xanadu!
Gourmet Bread Chips!
Some sort of coffee-flavored pudding!
Gatsby Deodorant Spray!
Koda Kumi Honda Commercial!
Hajime no Ippo for the Wii!
Japanese KFC Commercial!
Another The Legend of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass commercial!
Yet another figure preaches about a Job Listings Magazine!
Ganriki Training for the DS!
10th Anniversary Nissan Elgrand Commercial!
Match your Tea with a T-shirt!

Editorial: It’s about time they came back!

Hey Moonies! I had tried my hardest to restrain my excitement from pouring out onto this newsblog as this is hardly Sailor Moon related, but I failed! And hey, it’s my newsblog so I’ll post what I want :p (Just kidding. I am on topic most of the time!)

By now, most of you have probably heard the Spice Girls have reunited and are staging a comeback ! They will be doing a short set of concerts around the world, and there will be a Greatest Hits album. There will also be a documentary too! I think I speak for every fan who has stuck with them for years when I say “THANK YOU!” (huge shout outs to the fans at DenDen!) While I am happy that they are finally getting back together, there’s another reason why I think that they really needed to be back in the spotlight.

The stars of today just aren’t being good role models to teenage girls. You barely go one week without hearing about Britney Spears’ club escapades, or Lindsay Lohan being completely whacked out on drugs, or Paris Hilton getting out of almost everything because of who she is – with her money. Where are the positive, female, role models in this world? They seem so few and far between in pop culture these days. It’s a shame that the ones that should be looked up to are barely mentioned by anyone at all! I often worry when I see younger girls wherever I am – especially the ones I see that dress like the “idols” of today. I have seen girls under the age of 10 think that Paris Hilton is the greatest thing since sliced bread and they romp around in mini-skirts holding toy chihuahuas in ballerina outfits. I think the only scandalous thing the Spice Girls were guilty of were their fashion choices (and the odd bizarre antic in public). But they were out on a mission , to let girls everywhere know that they had a place in this world and they could do anything. As ridiculous as it sounds, they were an influence on who I was as a teenager, and who I continue to be. And now that they are older and a bit wiser, it’s about darn time they rekindled their message to the world. It’s not like Sailor Moon is around as much as it used to be for this generation.

So, I’m elated and ecstatic to hear that they are back. I hope for a moment, even though it’s very short, that they can use their time in the spotlight to make the positive impact they had a decade ago on today’s young girls. Ginger, Posh, Scary, Sporty, and Baby, may your Girl Power be stronger than ever!

Just for kicks, here’s the short (and slightly cheezy!) featurette they put together announcing the tour.

Quick Ebay Finds!

Hey Moonies- this week has been particularly hard for Sailordees as not one, but two computers broke (when it rains, it pours)! But the good news is I have fixed my “Plan C” Computer to be somewhat up to par with one of them! So I will be bringing you a short eBay update today and a few commercials within the next couple days. We still are working to resolve the issues with the cut links appearing where they shouldn’t be.

But for now though, here are nine notable items!

Sailor Moon Stars Coasters!
Eternal Sailor Moon Toothbrush!
Rare Kodansha Usagi and Chibi-Usa Plush Set!
Sailor Moon Perfume Bottles!
Sailor Senshi Glass Mug!
Sailor Moon handkerchief from Nakayoshi Magazine!
An older Sailor Moon T-shirt that is good as new!
Sailor Moon Puzzles lot!

And the Big Kahuna of them all…
A Jun-Jun Doll!

BREAKING NEWS: G4 Tech TV Canada to Add Six New Titles to Anime Current!

For all you Canucks who subscribe to G4 TechTV Canada, prepare to be blown away! Currently they are burning off their episodes of Lupin the Third, but starting July 21st, the network will be adding six more Geneon Titles to their Anime Current block (big round of applause)! And the best part is, all of these series are recent!

On July 21st, check your local evening listings for two hits from anime masterminds Yoshitoshi ABe and Yasuyuki Ueda. Serial Experiments Lain and Texhnolyze will be having their Canadian Premiere! Serial Experiments Lain is one of Moon Chase’s top anime picks – the series takes a look at the definition of reality through the eyes of the lonely Lain Iwakura. Watch this series if you can get the channel! Texhnolyze is a darker anime that deals with Armageddon and self-identity and might bode well with our older readers. If Saturdays are for “thinking anime” then Sundays are definitely for action anime! On July 26th, look out for Last Exile and Tokyo Underground– two adventure animes with wars, spells, comedy, romance and everything in between! Beginning July 26th is the cult suspense-hit Ergo Proxy, and July 27th is Paranoia Agent.

We’re really looking forward to the changes that G4 TechTV Canada is bringing to their schedule and we hope it will be a hit!

Panchanne Ends :(

It seems Toku-Comedy hit Panchanne was only destined to last for no more than 13 episodes – and we are sad to see Masataka Takamaru’s show go! The very last episode, Calm Last Time aired Tuesday evening in Japan. Albeit it was very cheezy , but it was a good parody of Toku elements from the 60’s until today! Fans though can enjoy the series over and over again as the DVDs will be released in August. Volumes 1 & 2 will be released on August 27th in Japan and each will contain bromide cards and postcards. Volume 1 will contain the first two episodes, a creditless opening and ending, and a special interview with the production staff about the creation of this series. Volume 2 will only contain the photos and episodes 3 and 4. The singles of the opening and the ending have also been released. And for those of our readers who love to cosplay, Cospatio (A Cosplay Tailor in Japan) has put up the Panchanne costume for sale! Cospatio was featured in the series for creating the costumes that Haruna Yabuki and Himawari Kitayama wore, and the series was so popular that they will tailor this costume to suit you!

Fans will need a region free player to watch these DVDs and they can be purchased at:
Vol. 1 –
Vol. 2 –
Vol. 1 – CD Japan
Vol. 2 – CD Japan

The singles are available at CD Japan:
Happiness and Tenderness – Opening
Fellow – Ending

We will keep readers posted when we know the release dates of the other volumes! Both stores ship around the world – however we’ve only had experience with We really like their online store (even during Christmas their packages have arrived within 2 weeks from Hong Kong!) and if you order two qualifying items you can get a free gashapon/capsule figure! And for all you Sailor Moon Collectors, we totally recommend this Special Edition Sailor Moon Figure. It comes with a magazine that shows every Sailor Moon Gashapon ever created and the detail on the special edition figure is astounding! It’s worth the ridiculous price, trust us :).

In the meantime, we invite fans to be the judge again as we show you the major highlight of this episode! Two episodes ago, Panchanne and Panchanne Mini encountered the Super Evil Devil – who bore an eerie resemblance to Tuxedo Kamen! Panchanne was swept away romantically by the Super Evil Devil, but Panchanne Mini began to cry because she didn’t want her family to break apart. Panchanne Mini ran away , and was later found by her mother and the two fought for Panchanne Mini to come home. And then they were approached by the Devil, making Panchanne Mini angry and sad. Lo and behold , this very last episode (spoilers ahead!) revealed the identity of the Devil. We will now show you some images along with a few captions. Again, you be the judge – we think Super Evil Devil is very reminiscent of Tuxedo Mask!