Meet the Staff: Sailordees

Name: Sailordees
Position: Chief Editor , Writer, Moderator and Chief of Staff.
I Have Been a Sailor Moon Fan Since: August 28th, 1995
Favorite Episode or Movie: Too many to name! I really enjoyed the first two seasons (sub or dub) and my favorite episode in Stars is #194, and I loved all the movies.
Favorite Sailor Moon Character: I like them all, but if I had to pick one, Sailor Saturn!
Other Anime or Manga I like: Black Cat, Slayers, Studio Ghibli, Ghost in the Shell, Honey and Clover, Diamond Dust Drops, Serial Experiments Lain and the hybrid anime, Cybersix.
Other tidbits: I have an empty can of Heinz’s infamous Sailor Moon Pasta that has been autographed by Roland Parliament, Stephanie Morgenstern, and Katie Griffin. I’m also Canadian!

News from the other side of the pond!

Asian News Blitz: The Sailor Moon Crew in Japan and Malaysia!

Toru Furuya Appears at GACC in Malaysia!

Toru Furuya , best known as the voice of Tuxedo Kamen (Sailor Moon) , Yamcha (DBZ), and Ray Amuro (various Gundam incarnations), appeared at Games.Anime.Comic.Circle (GACC) in Malaysia on Saturday March 18th. He participated in a talk session, meet and greet, and served as a cosplay judge . Toru broke ground as the first Seiyuu (Japanese VA) to visit South East Asia, and was very popular with nearly all of the congoers! We were able to track down a few cosplay photos from The Star (Malaysia) and here . We recommend fans check out the second link, as it features a fan-captured video of Toru speaking as Tuxedo Mask!

Konosuke Uda to Direct New Anime Series, Love*Com!

The romantic comedy Love*Com (short for Lovely Complex), is set to premiere in Japan on April 7th. It is based on the shoujo manga of the same name by Aya Nakahara, and tells of the relationship between tall Risa Koisumi and her short boyfriend, Atsushi Otoni. The Toei anime is directed by Konosuke Uda , who directed some episodes from the S and SuperS seasons, and served as Assistant Director with the SS movie. The manga lasted from 2001-2006, and last summer a hit live action movie debuted.

The manga has been licensed in North America by Viz and the english translation will be released this summer.

Move Over Desperate Housewives, You’ve Got Nothing on Panchanne!

Bishoujo Celeb Panchanne is a new Live-Action Series set to premiere on TV Tokyo April 3rd . Yumiko Shinjo used to be a superhero just like Sailor Moon in her high school days, transforming into Bishoujo Kamen Florence. By day, she lives the life of a housewife, married to Kensuke (a businessman), and mother to their kindergartner daughter, Risa. By night however, she returns to her superhero lifestyle as Panchanne. The show is directed by Masataka Takamaru , who directed PGSM (Live Action Sailor Moon) , and stars up and coming idol Haruna Yabuki in the title role. We think the idea of a superhero housewife is absolutely hilarious and we will keep you posted if we find any clips! Fans can read an interview and watch a video of Haruna about the show here.

Remember Back in 1995…

An Old Promotional Flyer from Sailor Moon’s Canadian Debut!

I came across this tonight while going through my files, and I thought that I should share this with you all. There’s going to be no formality to this post, as I’m just going to write my thoughts…

Many years ago, YTV used to hold contests during their New Years Meltdown cartoon blitzes held from December 31st to January 1st. Viewers, (if I remember correctly) would be entered in for a draw for big prizes and “mystery prizes” when they would send in a postcard to YTV (yes , there was a time before email)!. I was in grade six at the time and I had won one of the 30,000 Mystery Prizes, a door hanger (whoopee.), and a photocopied letter with Paul Maguire’s autograph (Yeah, they couldn’t even send us a real one…). I don’t know where either of those are now :S.

But, I guess they kept my address and I got sent a promotional pamphlet probably the June or July before Sailor Moon premiered in 1995. I saved it, like most kids do when they get “important” pieces of mail! This was probably just after the time I started to really get interested in the Canadian Media Industry. YTV had pulled Power Rangers off of the air (which was a favorite of “the cool crowd” back in the day) and all the news coverage of why and the workings of the CRTC interested me.
I’m glad I saved it, but I digress…

I had found it again while going through boxes in our basement about a year ago, and I scanned it thinking I could use it for something or other, and this is that something! Now, I didn’t scan the whole thing. I may scan it all later, but I am posting this much for now.

Click the image for full size – The Zone has been around for a very long time. This is the second set, and probably lasted the longest of the 4-5 that it has had since its inception in 1992. The host you see there is “Fresh” Phil Guererro – who now from what I read plays in a goth band and still acts. And there’s Snit in the background! That animatronic television with the teeth! Anyway, spot the glaring “Megaverse” error…

And this is a very large image. This is the schedule Sailor Moon had followed all through it’s initial run in 1995-96. I remember coming home from school and waiting for tired Alvin and the Chipmunks to finish up so I could watch Sailor Moon, and I didn’t get off the couch until Rugrats had ended. Aside from Hello Kitty and Keroppi , Sailor Moon was a huge pioneer for anime on this station back in 1995. And the rest, as they say, is history. YTV is now one of the premiere stations in Canada for eager anime fans.

Looking back on all this, it saddens me to see how in 12 years this series has been through so much turmoil not only here but all over the world. Many countries never got to see the last season, the movies, or the specials. It’s even sadder to think that while the series was “homegrown” in Canada that many provinces (including mine) never saw the dvds in any store. Short of ordering online, there was little recourse for us to own the series. It’s still up in the air if anywhere out of Japan will ever see it again. reported earlier that Toei will be releasing the first three seasons on something akin to iTunes soon, and for a relatively cheap price. Of course I’m happy to see the anime in Japan again, but there will always be a sadness, at least with me that the series isn’t here anymore.

Weird and Wonderful Sailor Moon Stuffs on eBay #2!

Here it comes everyone! Your Bi-weekly scavenge of Ebay for strange and treasured Sailor Moon Merchandise!

Greatest of the Cheap Items:
Pencil Cases and Pencils – From Japan!

Most Expensive Item:
We found two this week that we thought were way too overpriced!
Sailor Moon Infinity Artbook – Yes we know this is rare but a grand is still too much!

Both of the ADV subbed boxsets – $750 is too much to pay, used or new!

Best of the Rest:

A Special Edition Pin Set – Released (we assume) coinciding with the S-season.

Sailor Moon Bedsheets – a must have for a Sailor Moon fan with a twin-sized bed!

Tuxedo Mask Wallet – For all those times your boyfriend won’t give you money!

Unopened Dart Flipcards Box – Missing any cards in your collection? There’s a good chance it will be in here!

A Rare Clear File – This was a bonus in an issue of Nakayoshi.

Pegasus Scepter – Produced in Germany!

Sailor Moon Vanity – Now your Sailor Moon dolls and figures can have their own vanity to prim themselves!

Sailor Moon Cake Party Set – This makes the Easy Bake oven seem so much less cool~

Sailor Moon’s Transformation Pen! – Note: This product may not actually transform you into anyone you want.

Sailor Moon Settai Lot – These drawings were made by the studio to use as references for animating.

Sailor Moon Album Figurine – We’re not sure what this is,it might be a photo album or some figures. If any of you know, please contact us!

Rare Locket Set – Also a bonus in Nakayoshi!

Prism Box and Hankerchief – Also rare from Japan!

Sailor Moon Backpack – A North American Item for that special kindergartner in your life!

Manga Card File – This too, was a bonus with Nakayoshi!

Sailor Moon Chopsticks and Spoon – Perfect for School Lunches!

Sailor Chibi-Moon Pen – This is adorable!

And so ends this column! Who knows what the next one will bring?

Meet the Staff: The Me

Name: The Me (Yes, the article is integral.)
Position: Lurky HTML guy, moderator and sometimes opinion renderer.
I have been a Sailor Moon Fan since: 2003
Favorite episode or movie: The entire S season.
Favorite Sailor Moon Character: Sailor Mars, with Pluto and Saturn coming in close behind.
Other Anime or Manga I like: Black Cat, Kanon, The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi, Evangelion, Azumanga Daioh, to name a few.
Other tidbits: Watch this space, it is subject to change.