200 Dollars For A T-Shirt?

Articles are coming soon! In the meantime though, I came across something interesting this morning that was short and quick enough for me to post on this site! A seller on Rakuten Ichiba is selling what looks to be an official T-shirt made by COSPA, the infamous Japanese Cosplay Company (and they now have a site in English)! The shirt features Chibi-Usa, and a COSPA logo on the back. It even came in a capsule! This costs a shocking $208 USD! From the looks of it, it seems to be in very good condition considering it is a used shirt. For those of us fans who are willing to spare that much money in these times for a rare collectible, this is sure to be a highlight in their collection. None of us here have ever heard of the COSPA beautybeast line – do any of you know about this? Please leave your comments below!

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