12 Days of Christmas – Moon Chase Style!

We decided to do something a little fun leading up to Christmas. We were originally going to have snowflakes float down the page and change the banner, but we’ve been so crazy busy that we barely had any time to even plan a Christmasy logo. And the page takes long enough to load already and the snowflakes would have probably lagged you all even more! So instead, we thought “What if we knew Naoko Takeuchi? What would she give us for Christmas?” And lo and behold, every day from now to the 25th, we will present to you our version of the 12 Days of Christmas. Now they may not fit with the song, but it’s all in the name of good fun! We’re even going to post some eBay links (by popular demand) that relate to the gifts! We’re going to work backwards though, and you’ll see at the end why this is being done. We’ll keep a running tally through all the entries … without further ado…

On the 12th Day Before Christmas, Naoko Takeuchi Surprised Me With:

12 Sailor Senshi Cosplay Costumes To Last Me The Convention Season!

For that Special Cosplayer:
Sailor Moon S Cosplay Set!
Fan-Made Sailor Saturn’s Glaive!
Sailor Jupiter’s Henshin Wand!
Fan-Made Sailor Pluto Earrings!
PGSM Sailor Venus Cosplay Set!

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