10,000 Hits!

On the 22nd of this month, we had our 10,000th visitor. It was our goal to have this many pageloads by the end of the year, but this site has achieved this in just over 6 months! Thank you to every fan who has visited and spread the word around about Moon Chase- we really appreciate it as starting a website or blog like this is never easy, especially when you target a niche audience. Thank you to every site which continues to link Moon Chase, and a special thank you to Jay Navok for all his support with Genvid.com. You have all stuck with us during the thick and thin and continue to inspire us to develop and add new features! We really appreciate the fan support for this site in every way (big or small) and we hope to continue to bring you as much Sailor Moon news as we possibly can!

For those of our readers who haven’t, please vote on the poll at the side. We are very close to reaching a decision on adding forums but we would still appreciate your opinion!

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