Watch the Sailor Moon Crystal Phase 3 Trailer

Just released is the Japanese trailer for the upcoming arc of Sailor Moon Crystal:

According to the official website, the show will be premiering Monday, April 4th on TOKYO MX and air weekly on Mondays. On Tuesdays, it will air on San TV and BS11; Fridays on TVQ Kyushu; and Sundays on Television Hokkaido and TV Aichi.

The new theme song, “In Love with the New Moon” is sung by Etsuko Yakushimaru. The new ending theme, “Eternal Eternity,” is sung by Sailors Uranus (Junko Minagawa) and Neptune (Sayaka Ohara).

Also, since it is Sailor Neptune’s birthday today, there is a Twitter event where they released a special image of Michiru to celebrate her birthday after 1000 retweets of the announcement of the trailer on the Sailor Moon 20th official account.

Here’s the tweet showing the birthday image:

We will be on the lookout for official confirmation of streaming options for fans outside of Japan to continue watching episodes.

Tracey Hoyt Upcoming Appearances

Tracey Hoyt

Although Tracey Hoyt (Rini #1) was unable to attend the Sailor Moon Celebration in Toronto due to a previous commitment, she has sent in some details about a couple of appearances that fans might be interested in.

Here’s what she had to say about Sailor Moon fandom:

It still amazes me that Sailor Moon is still having such a lasting, positive impact. It means a lot.

She also wanted me to let you all know that Rini says:


Tracey said that she is proud to be in the very funny, dark Canadian film Guidance as Brenda (which premiered at TIFF in 2014). This film is about a former child star who fabricates credentials to become a high school guidance counsellor. Despite giving terrible advice, he becomes popular with the students.

Here’s the trailer (note that it includes lewd content and is not appropriate for all audiences, Tracey can be seen around 0:21 and 0:53)

Tracey is also proud to be part of the film Len and Company as Mrs. Pickett, which premiered at TIFF this year. The film is about a successful music producer who quits the industry and exiles himself, but his estranged son and a pop star he’s created come looking for answers (description from IMDb). I have not found a trailer for this one, but the reviews are generally quite positive.

Tracey is also active as a theatre actor, so you can look out for her on the stage in the Toronto area as well.

If you would like to follow Tracey on Twitter for more frequent updates from her, you can check out @PirateVoiceTo (her voice-over teaching account) or @facevaluewest (her current acting account).

Jill Frappier Pottery at Arts Market & Upcoming Appearance in Assassin’s Creed

Jill's Objets

As you may know, Jill Frappier (Luna) creates a variety of pottery items under the brand name Jill’s Objets. Her pottery is now available at the 846 College street location of the Arts Market in Toronto. The Arts Market is a group of gift shops showcasing items created by local artists. The College street location is open Wednesday to Friday 12pm-7pm and on weekends from 11am-7pm.

If you are in or near Toronto and would like to check out Jill’s variety of pottery, that is a great place to see and purchase her pottery any time of year.

Here is a preview of some of the items you will find in the store:

Jill's Objets - Display at Arts Market

Also, for those who had attended this year’s Sailor Moon Celebration in Toronto, you might have witnessed Jill’s dance moves in our video game area! We will post a video clip of Jill dancing to a game with some of the attendees soon, on our Youtube channel. We could definitely see her zumba skills in action.

Fans may also be interested in keeping an eye out for the next Assassin’s Creed video game. Jill participated in motion capture as a character for the game back in August, and she said she had a great time.

We will be keeping an eye out for more convention appearances as well, as Jill Frappier and Ron Rubin are interested in appearing together at more shows to meet the fans in future.

I will have another voice actor update for you as well soon.

Shoko Nakagawa to host TV Show “Shumi Doki”, Masako Katsuki to co-star in episode in September

CM1K2UjVAAEEYlOGreetings fellow moonies! I have some good news to report on the career of Shoko Nakagawa. The famous multimedia personality, who has ties to Sailor Moon thanks to her portrayal of Diana in the recently aired “Crystal” series (and is an overall fan of the series), has landed a new hosting role on the TV show “Shumi Doki” (an educational variety TV show on Japan’s NHK E channel).

“Shumi Doki” is a well-known program in Japan that allows its viewers to examine various pastimes, and it will be offering a new segment on a cram school featuring prominent anime voice actors, who will cameo on the show as instructors. Nakagawa will play the class president and host the segment, and the talent that appears on the show will make voice acting an attractive career choice for viewers who watch. The Anime Voice Actors segment will air over the months of August and September, and will examine the occupation in depth with the help of a variety of professionals who have made a career out of voice acting. Masako Katsuki, who voiced Sailor Neptune in the original classic Sailor Moon anime series, will be appearing on the episode that is airing on September 15, 2015. Former Sailor Moon voice actors who have appeared on previous episodes of the show include Akira Kamiya (the voice of Dr. Souichi Tomoe) and Shigeru Chiba (who appears in SuperS episode 145 as Kurumiwario). In July, NHK published a book full of the voice actors’ tips and techniques to compliment the segments airing on TV. Masako Katsuki has been acting since 1982, and among a long list of achievements has also provided the japanese dub voices of Julia Roberts, Sharon Stone, and Jodie Foster.  She has also served as a lecturer in voice actor courses at Tokyo Animation College.  It seems that some clips of previous episodes have made their way to YouTube, and we will update this post with a link when we find one.

More Guests Announced for the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration

In case you missed the announcements on the event page, we have confirmed Jill Frappier (Luna), Susan Roman (Sailor Jupiter) and Ammie Cosplay as the latest guests for the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration that I will be hosting at the Ontario Science Centre on Sunday, September 27th.

Jill Frappier

This will be the first time since 2013 that Jill Frappier and Ron Rubin (the voices of Luna and Artemis) will be reuniting at an event! This is an opportunity to meet both cats that you won’t want to miss.

Jill Frappier is our third announced Guest of Honour, and she portrayed the original voice of Luna for the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon. Jill is an actor, storyteller, drama teacher “extraordinaire,” and has performed in well over 100 plays at major theatres in Toronto and across Canada, including the Shaw and Stratford Festivals.

Jill’s voice is frequently heard in CBC radio dramas and televised cartoon series. Her most notable cartoon roles are Luna in Sailor Moon, Mrs. Prysselius in Pippi Longstocking, Doucette in Anatole, the wicked Sherry in Totally Spiez, Little Mutt in Animal Shelf, Auntie Yorkshire in Pecola, and the Lady in Waiting (Jane’s Mom) in Jane and the Dragon. Her pottery, under the brand Jill’s Objets, was recently featured at the One of a Kind Show in Toronto.


Our Cosplay Guest of Honour is none other than Ammie Cosplay, who has cosplayed all of the sailor senshi!

Ammie Cosplay

Ammie started sewing well over a decade ago and has been actively making Sailor Moon costumes for 10 years. As a masters level cosplayer she strives to teach other cosplayers, both novice and masters, tricks of the trade and believes through her own trial and error in the art of costume making, she would like to share the wealth of knowledge she has obtained in the hobby. She has been featured in magazines and books around the world regarding her costumes and lives by the motto “if I can make it, anyone can make it!” If you would like to keep updated with Ammie’s cosplay, you can follow her on deviantART.


And last, but certainly not least, our latest guest announcement is Susan Roman, the original voice of Sailor Jupiter in the entire run of the DiC and Cloverway dubs of Sailor Moon!

Susan Roman

Susan is also known for many other voice roles including Snowy the dog in TinTin, Melissa Raccoon from the second season of The Raccoons, Champ Bear in The Care Bears Movie and the Care Bears TV series, Good Luck Bear in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-lot and The Care Bears’ Big Wish Movie, Oliver and Judy Tate in Beyblade, Salima in Beyblade V-Force, and she had a recurring guest role as the Morlock leader Callisto in the first X-Men animated series. Susan also enjoys gardening and has had her garden featured in Toronto garden tours.

Panels, presentations, and other activities currently on the schedule for the Toronto Sailor Moon Celebration include:

  • Q&A session with Roland Parliament: ask your burning questions about what it was like to be the voice of the geeky Melvin, the experience of voice directing Sailor Moon, or even find out more about his book Sailor Moon Reflections
  • Q&A session with Ron Rubin and Jill Frappier: ask your questions about what it was like to be the voice of a talking cat and how being part of the anime series and movies from beginning to end influenced their views of Sailor Moon and the roles of Artemis and Luna
  • Q&A session with Susan Roman: ask your questions about what it was like to be the voice of the powerful and feminine Sailor Jupiter and how being part of the anime series and movies from beginning to end influenced her view of Sailor Moon.
  • Autographs and photo ops with Roland Parliament, Ron Rubin, Jill Frappier, and Susan Roman
  • Sailor Moon merchandise: presentation on a selection of merchandise available in Japan and Canada, includes some real life merchandise that you can see up close!
  • Sailor Moon Classic versus Sailor Moon Crystal: open discussion of the two animes
  • Mythology and Sailor Moon: discussion of the influences of mythology in the story of Sailor Moon
  • Gender, Sociology, and Sailor Moon: discussion of the aspects of gender and sociology as related to Sailor Moon (and Sailor Moon cosplay) in North America
  • Sailor Moon singalong: It’s like a group karaoke! Sing along to various Sailor Moon songs, in English and Japanese. Lyrics will be on a screen so everyone can follow along.
  • Cosplay parade
  • And more!

If you are interested in running a panel or event, you can sign up here.

Pre-registration tickets are $12, pre-registration with a commemorative wristband is $14. At the door, admission will be $15, and the wristbands will be $2 each.

Buy your tickets here! Pre-registration will close on Friday, September 18th.

I hope to see you there!